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Show Sites

Kennel Club USA and the American Rare Breed Association are looking for good show venues.Call Robert at 301-868-5718 if you know of a good show site!


The American Rare Breed Association conducts approximately 30 conformation dog shows accross the United States.

ARBA is looking for show venues.  Please send your suggestion of a show site by email to

Coton De Tulear

This breed is a Coton De Tulear, which is in our Group Nine.  The breed is a lovely breed and a great Companion. The ideal coat is cottny or fluffy rather than silky. Coton of course, translates to " cot-ton".  The outer coat is long and white, no undercoat is present. 


We are looking for individuals that are willing to share a day or two with us and to assist us with the show rings assisting the judge with his or her ring. Call dogs to ringside and get them ready to enter the ring in a timely manner. Please call us at 303-868-5781 or send us an email to

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American Rare Breed Association "The Rare Breed Association"

  • ARBA is looking for breed pictures.  Please submit your picture.  If we use your picture we will give you credit.!
  • ARBA is looking for new show grounds.  Please submit your show grounds suggestions!
  • Do you want your win picture on the internet? Take a picture at one of our shows and we will post it on our website!
  • Do you want to view all of your dogs show wins? Become a member and start viewing your records!
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The American Rare Breed Association was created in 1991.  The organization was formed for the purpose of giving the "Rare Breed Dog" a venue here in the United States.  The American Rare Breed Association recognized breeds from all over the world, with the exception of the United States.  The American Rare Breed Association is known throughout the world as ARBA.

The American Rare Breed Association is a conformation dog show organization.  ARBA has provided "Rare Brethemed objected Dog" exhibitors first class conformation dog shows since 1991.  ARBA has reached out to all corners of the United States as well as the central part of the United States.  ARBA use and have used dog show judges from all walks of life and from all the major organizations from around the world.

ARBA has for the most part adopted breed standards from the breeds country of origin. Where there was a new breed accepted we would use the breeds parent breed club's standard.

Our judges from organizations such as the American Kennel Club, the United Kennel Club and of course the Federation Cynologique Internationale, as well as other organizations use the breed standard to evaluate the breed.  See our breeds by clicking on the following link.  Our groups

The American Rare Breed Association and its sister organization Kennel Club USA has partnered with the UCI in Germany in order to offer a respected International Championship with out all of the expense and travel of going overseas.  See more

ARBA welcomes you to browse around our website.  Come out to visit with us at one of our shows.  Please share this site with your friends.  We look forward to seeing you soon.  Please contact us at (301) 868-5718 or email us at

The American Rare Breed Association has partnered with Pet Hotels of America.  This will enable our exhibitors to find a hotel room anywhere in the United States where the hotel accepts pets.

Just click on the graphic to the left and you are on your way to securing your hotel room for one of our upcoming conformation dog shows.


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